Sometimes I get obsessed with an idea from physics or elsewhere, and the obsession never subsides until I explore the idea in some way, usually through some haphazard code or electronics. I struggle to find a good umbrella term for these mental digressions; Physics++ emphasizes that besides physics, there may be computer science, pure math, music, geology, or whatever else involved. One day I hope to do something useful with a deep exploration into some topic; for now this is what I have.

Algorithms and Numerical Methods

Pic 01

Newton-Raphson Fractals

Oh boy, what a rabbit hole. I still am working on this years later.

Pic 02

Simulation of the Kelvin-Helmoholtz Instability

A class project that turned out to be a fun physics toy.

Experiment (the hands-on stuff)

Pic 01

High-Alitude Balloon Adventure

This took an entire year and many late night soldering sessions. Completely worth it.