Current Research

I began working for Dr. Michael Hatridge's group at the University of Pittsburgh in the summer of 2021.

Past Project Descriptions

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Earth's Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

A long term “free-induction decay” experiment, but using earth’s field (not a big coil) and low-cost items. I rebuilt the electronics several times iterative process, all in the goal improving performance and signal-noise ratio. This was the subject of an undergraduate honors thesis.

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Machine Learning Techniques for Nuclear Spectroscopy

A small sophomore-year project where I used the computer vision-inspired method of principal component analysis to determine composition of radioactive samples based on pair spectrometer data. Training data used simulations generated with the Geant4 toolkit.

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Computational Analysis of Ultrafast Laser Damage on Metal Surfaces

A long term computational project. The result was a simple but fast model of the Lorentz-Drude model of absorption in metals. I presented a poster for this work at the 7th International Conference on Attosecond Science and Technology Conference in Szeged, Hungary.